• Antik Batik

    Ending in 10 days
    Up to 70% off

    The brand that makes you travel

  • Holi and Love

    Ending in 4 days
    Up to 50%

    The brand with a taste for handmade products, craftsmanship and quality materials.

  • Muxu Muxu

    Handmade from recycled fabrics

    The brand of bags with a fun, colourful world full of prints.

  • Nathalie Dumeix

    Up to 50% off

    The Parisian brand inspired by the 70's

  • Le Minor

    Up to 50% off

    The brand that embodies Breton heritage, from generation to generation.

  • Ysé

    Up to 50% off

    The brand that puts women at the heart of its creations.

  • Soamé

    Traditional craftsmanship

    The brand that revisits the 70’s raffia bags.

  • Salut Ginette

    Upcycled from vintage fabrics

    The brand that draws inspiration from our grandmothers' closets with creativity and modernity.

  • Imparfaite’s upcycled collection

    Upcycled from vintage fabrics

    An exclusive collection inspired by the world of vintage.

  • Carel

    Up to 50% off

    France's most iconic shoe house.

  • Maison Flore

    Upcycled from vintage bed sheets

    More than a brand, a poetic manufacture celebrating transmission & maternal love.

  • Altemps

    Upcycled from vintage scarves

    The brand that brings vintage silk back to life.

  • Coco Manolo

    Traditional craftsmanship with upcycled vintage braids

    The brand that celebrates contemporary culture and folk heritage.

  • Maison Cléo

    Upcycled from vintage fabrics

    A brand with refreshing creativity and transparency.

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