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Why sell on Imparfaite?

  • A community of vintage lovers

    Each month, reach over 150,000 vintage lovers who share the same passion for quality vintage pieces carrying unique stories.

  • Trend books

    We regularly send you trend summaries and sales analyses to help you find the most sought-after pieces on Imparfaite.

  • A team at your service

    Real people to talk to 95% of sellers mention the team as one of their favourite things about Imparfaite!

  • Seller protection

    Enjoy guaranteed payments by our banking partners and a service managed for you: we protect you in the event of fraud, disputes, and loss or theft of your parcels.

How does it work?

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    List your items

    Upload your pieces online in less than 40 seconds on our seller app!

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    Once your item is sold, all you need to do is ship it, free of charge!

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    Receive your payment

    You can collect and transfer your earnings directly from your interface

Our rates

  • Uploading items online: free of charge

    No commitment, no subscription! You can upload as many pieces as you like for free. We handle the clipping of your images to ensure that all your gems are displayed beautifully.

  • On the sale: 20% commission ex-VAT

    We take care of all your delivery notes, logistics, bank charges, insurance, and customer service.

Becoming a seller

The Imparfaite app dedicated to our partner sellers is available on Android and iOS. Sell wherever you are, find inspiration, and much more.

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Exceptional events

The community comes alive during our Vintage Fairs, which take place 4 times a year: +10,000 unique pieces, 40 partner exhibitors, and 4,000 visitors gathered in the heart of Paris.