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Towards a more responsible fashion...

« We were looking to combine quality, style, and sustainability at affordable prices. Vintage clothing seemed an obvious pick, but it was still reserved for insiders, because bargain hunting is an art that requires patience and time. Imparfaite was born. »

Ariane et Camille, co-founders of Imparfaite.

Only authentic and beautiful vintage.

By vintage, we mean clothing and accessories over 20 years old. These are unique pieces that continue to inspire today’s designers. Buying vintage lets you be as fashionable as ever while breaking the vicious circle of hyper-production. Buying vintage means saying no to disposable fashion because the world has enough vintage pieces to dress several generations of men and women.

« Vintage clothing breeds natural selection: only the best and the most desirable survive time »

Since 2020, Imparfaite saved an equivalent of 2250 tons of CO₂.

« We believe that one can embellish and renew one’s wardrobe without increasing the industry’s overall carbon footprint, i.e., without producing new clothing items »

How does it work ?

Gathering over 3,000 sellers, mainly in France and Belgium, Imparfaite brings together sellers specialising in vintage clothing and buyers who are beginners or experts in the art of hunting for vintage garments. We help them select their most beautiful pieces and make them available on an easy and inspiring website.

All styles are available in vintage. Whether you love to dress extravagantly or in a more classic way, you'll always find the vintage alternative that suits you best.

Re-enchanting fashion

Buying vintage arouses a special feeling that you’ll be reluctant to give up once you taste it. Each piece is unique and carries its own story. We can no longer call ourselves owners of vintage pieces. We are their custodians for the next generations.

Wear your values.

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