Less production, more fashion

Here, we unearth the most beautiful pieces. We don't produce them.

Fashion is an eternal restart, why produce new items of what already exists somewhere?
Imparfaite is the digital platform that awakes dormant stocks. Vintage, archive, prototypes, pieces with small defects, we highlight these forgotten fashion items. In a world ruled by the frantic pace of new collections, we are committed to bringing back the beauty of pieces that already exist.

It all started with vintage.

We, Ariane and Camille, founders of Imparfaite, were looking for quality, style and eco-responsibility, all at a fair price. Vintage seemed obvious, but it was still reserved for insiders, because treasure hunting is an art and you have to have patience. This is how Imparfaite was born...

Vintage, unlike second-hand, includes clothes and accessories that are over 20 years old. It is often said that it is the natural selection of clothes: only the most qualitative and desirable survive the test of time. These unique pieces still inspire designers today.
To buy vintage means fully enjoying fashion while breaking the vicious circle of hyper-production.
To buy vintage means choosing to say no to disposable fashion thanks to quality pieces that last over time.
To buy vintage is also a special emotion that is difficult to give up once you have tasted it. We are no longer the owners of vintage pieces, but we are now their guardians for future generations.
Since 2018, we have been creating vintage looks with thrifted pieces that inspire us: beautiful Levi's 501 jeans, embroidered Austrian cardigans, cotton crop tops, romantic blouses and all those must-have pieces that make our hearts melt and are part of the Imparfaite signature look.

We are no longer the owners of vintage pieces, but we are now their guardians for future generations.

How does it works?

We don't produce anything. All the vintage pieces on the site come from specialist sellers with whom we work collaboratively. Imparfaite now has more than 3,000 partner sellers, thrift stores and consignment stores, mainly in France. We select their most beautiful pieces with them and make them available to everyone via a simple and inspiring platform. Pssst, have you downloaded our new app?

“The imperfects of…”: supporting the industry in the recovery of its old stocks.

Since 2023, we have taken our commitment even further by helping brands that inspire us, such as Carel or Maison Cléo, to enhance their dormant stocks.
They entrust us with pieces from their old collections, “imperfect” pieces with minor defects, prototypes or late customer returns so that we can offer them to our community at a sweet price. These singular pieces, sometimes unique, slept in their warehouses, left aside, instead of making us happy, which we found quite sad. Together, we give a new chance to these hidden treasures and invent a new model, never seen before.

Where are we ?

Since 2020, around 2,250 tons of CO₂ equivalent have been saved on Imparfaite.
And this is just the beginning…
We fight every day to defend our strongest conviction: a wardrobe can be embellished and renewed without increasing the overall carbon footprint of the sector, that is to say without increasing the production of new pieces.

Why the name “Imparfaite”?

Imparfaite (imperfect in english), because we all are. Our asymmetrical bangs, our mole in the corner of our eye, our stretch marks, our love handles… all our so-called “imperfections” define us, make us unique, create our character and make us beautiful. It is thanks to them, and not in spite of them, that the people who really, deeply love us, love us so much... This is the secret of love and also the secret of French style: to be beautiful precisely because you are imperfect. “Beauty is always strange” said Baudelaire.

Imparfaite. like the women who have fascinated us and who still fascinate us.

Strong and sensitive, loving and free, those who marked our memories and traced the paths of feminism. Those who have helped us grow and become who we are today. Imparfaite is a story of transmission, from generation to generation and a declaration of love to our mothers and to the other women in our lives. We see fashion the Imparfaite way...

Imparfaite. like the favorite pieces of our closets.

Like vintage summer dresses that smell of lavender, like old worn leather that looks like it's lived longer than us, or a faded Levi's that embraces our curves beautifully. These pieces that love us and give us confidence. These pieces that we would like to be eternal, as precious as they are personal.

Imparfaite. with a dot. Because it is not a coincidence, it is a manifesto.

The most asked questions:

  • In order to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the vintage pieces sold on Imparfaite, we only source the pieces from professional sellers with whom we work. We do not list individual vintage pieces on the site. If you have vintage to sell, we advise you to go to the vintage shop nearest to you and offer it to the owner.

  • Thank you for your interest! Fill out the form here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • The vast majority of professional partner sellers agree to negotiate their pieces (and 70% of price offers are accepted!). If you would like to make a price offer on your crush, you can click on the NEGOTIATE button to send your offer to the seller. Warning! Think carefully about your price, you can only make one offer per product!

  • To become a large-scale solution, vintage must remain accessible while fairly remunerating the players in the chain. The right price in our opinion for vintage? The lowest price that guarantees a satisfactory margin for the seller. Learn more

  • These are flaws that we consider minor, discreet scratches on the leather, a slight offset on a seam, a sole that has already been worn... All these little flaws that appear anyway after wearing the piece once or twice and which do not take anything away from the essential quality of the product. See the full list CTA

  • The term second hand designates a garment resold by a person who hasn’t produced. In the vast majority of cases, these are used clothes that have already been worn. They can be old or recent, worn once or for several years, by a single person or by several successive owners. The second hand is therefore the opposite of new clothing, quite simply.
    Vintage is a subcategory of second-hand, as it must also have been produced at least 20 years ago. A garment therefore becomes vintage as time goes by. Unlike second-hand, vintage implies authenticity, quality and craftsmanship. It is often said that vintage is the natural selection of clothes, because if the piece has lasted all these years, it is because it is of good quality!
    Unfortunately the word “vintage” is very often misused in the press, advertising or on social networks. Actors of all kinds, including major brands, mistakenly use this word to designate a recent second-hand piece. The reason is simple: no law governs the use of the word “vintage” and it sounds better, cooler, than “second hand”.

  • Yes of course ! All items can be returned within 14 days after receiving your parcel to return it to us. Simply write to hello@imparfaiteparis.com to request it. In addition, returns are free from mainland France.

  • Absolutely ! Time to indulge…