A vintage Levi’s 501 for a lifetime

The Levi’s 501 is the most essential vintage piece of our wardrobe as it goes with everything, fits everyone and is harmless for our planet.

But its timelessness and its success makes it more and more difficult to find, making it even more precious to us.

The quality of its canvas enables this pair of jeans to follow us throughout every step of our lives and to be transmitted across generations. So when you’ll find this holy grail (and we intend to help you in this quest thanks to our expert partner sellers across France), think of your children and grandchildren, and cherish it with all your heart.

Vintage Levi’s 501 calculator

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Precious Jeans that live throughout several generations

Did you know that it costs the planet 11 000 litres of water to produce a single pair of jeans? So why keep on producing new ones when many vintage ones exist already?

Having a pair of jeans Levi’s 501 vintage is as precious as having a family heirloom. It’s a timeless piece that is shared between mother and daughter, friends but also vintage passionates who are on the hunt for the perfect vintage jeans just like our expert sellers on Imparfaite.com who have unearthed the most beautiful vintage Levi’s jeans just for you.

We are no longer the owners of vintage pieces but the guardians for the generations to come. It’s a new way of consuming fashion, much more sustainable and respectful of the environment. The question is, which pair of jeans will you pick?

Choose the colour that will make your heart melt

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Back to the office jeans

Mix a white vintage Levi’s jeans with a checked blazer, a classic trench and a US style sweatshirt for a professional back to school look that will make you want to go back to the office

The Canadian tuxedo

Think full vintage Levi’s, American wild west, Robert Redford meets my Calvins featuring Kate Moss. Underneath? Wear a sexy blouse for a more modern look paired with golden earrings and you’re all set.

Navy 501 and the city

Dare the Carrie Bradshaw look (a vintage fan herself) that remains accessible for your weekend activities by pairing the iconic shearling coat with a knitted pastel top and the classic navy Levi’s 501.

A party jeans

Because yes the classic vintage Levi’s 501 is so versatile that it can also be worn at night, even the lightest tones. The secret of a great look? Mix a cute strappy silk top, golden statement jewellery and a small beaded bag.

History, sizing, cut and aftercare

Thanks to our Imparfaite guide, find the vintage Levi’s 501 jeans of your dreams!

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The Imparfaite girls in vintage Levi’s 501

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Vintage Levi's 501 calculator

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